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Our Store Policy

Things You Need to Know

We founded Mini Macaws and More with one goal in mind: giving our customers a fair, rewarding and enjoyable experience for years to come. We conduct business according to the same values, knowing that better service, healthy birds and expert advise equals loyal customers. Our store policies are detailed below, please have a look and contact us if you want to learn more!

Our promise is to provide the healthiest birds possible.

Terms and Conditions

  • We will never knowingly sell a baby bird with a health issue but in the unlikely event that a health issue is discovered within the first seven (7) days from the date of purchase a claim can be submitted using our contact form.  We will request a certification from a licensed veterinarian, dated within 7 days from the date of purchase, that states the health issue that was discovered. Accidental injury or customer neglect is not covered under this guarantee. At our discretion, we will replace the bird with a similar bird or provide store credit for any other bird listed on our website. Under no circumstance we will issue money back. 

  • Under no circumstances will Mini Macaws and More will be held responsible for any veterinary bills incurred by the customer. 

  • We will not return or issue credit for a bird returned to us for any reason except a health related issue, certified by a licensed veterinarian.

  • Mini Macaws and More will not be responsible for shipping delays or mishandling of the shipping carrier. Any shipping claims must be made directly by the customer to the shipping company. 

  • Mini Macaws and more will not be responsible and will not guarantee any un-weaned baby bird purchased by a customer. If customer takes the bird before it is weaned, all health guarantee is voided and null. Please note: All un-weaned baby bird sales are final.

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